Uprising Support

Support Black Philadelphians 



  1. Wanna help support Black Philadelphians during the Philly Uprisings? 

  2. Are you a Black Philadephian looking for support? 

  3. Check out the resources below and spread the word!

  4. To add resources visit bit.ly/riseupphilly

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Bail Funds


Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

We work to bring to light the inequities of the use of cash bail in Philadelphia and advocate for the abolition of bail and pretrial detention in our city.


Philadelphia Bail Fund

"to pay bail rapidly for those who cannot afford it and advocate for an end to cash bail."



Organizations to support with your dollars!


Black Lives Matter Philly


Sankofa House

Venmo: @iconebonyfierce
Cashapp: $iconebonyfierce

Paypal: rdenson89@gmail.com
Paypal: mustlovechain@gmail.com


Philly for R.E.A.L Justice


Food Not Bombs

Cashapp: $FNBSolidarity

PayPal: fnbsolidarity@protonmail.com

Legal Support


Participatory Defense

Participatory defense hubs help individuals and families navigate the criminal justice system. They're all over the city!

Up Against the Law

A Philadelphia-based collective of activists who are lawyers, legal workers, and community members. 

Digital Security

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Digital Security Highlights

  1. Remove Touch or Face ID, so it can be used against you in a comprising position. 

  2. Have a strong 6-12 digit password

  3. Use Signal, for messaging. The only E2EE messaging platform

  4. Wear non-descript clothing

  5. Take pics without opening your phone, remove location tags

  6. Do not take take pictures of other protesters

  7. Enable Airplane Mode