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Action preparation


Plan With Someone.png

Tell someone you’re going out & make a plan to check in regularly

  • Tell them your Legal Name and DOB 

  • Let them know if you have children or pets at home that need to be taken care

  • Employers contact information 

  • Other close contacts they should inform


Write Down Your Hotline.png

In permanent marker, write Up Against the Law Arrest Hotline # 484-758-0388 on your body!


Take Care Of Your Body.png

Take care of your body!

  • Eat a hearty meal

  • Put on sunscreen

  • Hydrate

  • Take needed medicine


Wear Comfy Clothes.png

Wear comfy loose fitting clothes and shoes

  • Wear non descript clothing (no brands!)

  • Cover your face


Go With A Group.png

Go with a group

  • Make sure you stay in and check in with your group

  • Choose a meeting place in case you all get separated


Things To Bring.png

Things to bring/wear

  • Googles --> something that does not fog up when you run

  • Face Mask --> wear for own health and others, and your identity

  • Helmet (bike helmets are less scanner) 

  • Snacks!

  • Water bottles (if you have a squirt top that's great for eye flushes) 

  • Umbrella - to protect from rain and tear gas

  • Portable charger


Digital Security.png

Digital Security

  • Remove Touch and Face ID

  • Download Signal

  • Turn off location services on all apps

  • Do not take pictures of people without their consent (if you do.... download a face blurring app)

  • Defer to organizers for pictures, videos, and live streaming

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