The Connect

  • Happy Hour
  • 21+ venue
  • Casual setting
  • Free to attend

The community needs opportunities to gather in a
relaxed atmosphere. The Connect is an event where Qunify ventures to different venues throughout Philadelphia for happy hours.  This event brings all the queers together to meet new people, connect with old friends, and build an
inclusive LGBTQ+ community. 

Some locations we've been to are 2D (South Philly), Writers Block (Center City), Dahlak (West Philly).


Our Stories

  • Sober space
  • Daytime event
  • For all ages
  • Facilitated setting
  • Free to attend

The breath of identities and experiences across the LGBTQ+
community is empowering. For each Our Stories event Qunify hosts a panel of 3-5 community members followed by a facilitated group discussion.  Qunify selects a different topic to discuss at each Our Stories event. Marginalized voices are always intentionally centered. 


Some past discussion topics have been

 QTPOC Mental Wellness, Fashion, and Kink



  • Nightlife event
  • 21+ venue
  • Party setting
  • Ticketed event
  • No one turned away for lack of funds

A Qunify LGBTQ+ Party brings folksof all different genders and
sexualities together to celebrate our community. These festivities
highlight local DJs, photographers, and other performers. We center trans, femme, and POC folks to provide a space where everyone can be safe, comfortable, and visible. Sober members of our community are also offered reduced admission. Our parties celebrate the entirety and diversity of Philly’s LGBTQ+ people.


Expand your


Focus: City Partnership
  • For all ages
  • Variety of opportunities

There is something special about exploring a new place in community. Together, we make places feel open and available for LGBTQ+ people to safely and comfortably enjoy. Philly is our city and we deserve to

be welcomed to enjoy all of it.

And then she said, “but don’t all lives
Plants and Coffees

The Blend

Focus: Personal Connection
  • Sober space
  • Daytime event
  • For all ages
  • Casual setting
  • Free to attend

Sometimes we just need to kick back and enjoy ourselves
while surrounded by our community. Welcome to The Blend.
Periodically, Qunify heads out to a different coffee shop to talk
about everyday things. We have no agenda, unless you count
the gay agenda. Come talk to us, use the excuse to meet a
friend you haven’t seen for awhile, bust out some work in
good company, sit down for a cute date, or just check out a
new spot.